Sending Emails Through the Emails and Letter Tool

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These instructions will show you how to generate marketing collateral to send to your customers using the Emails and Letters function of the software. Before you get started, make sure that you have the Agile downloaded onto your computer and that you have received your login credentials from your system administrator.

1. Log In to Administration.


2. Click the House icon  to see all of your administrative folders.

3. Click and open the Customer Relations folder.


4. Select Emails and Letters

5. To create a new email data set, right-click in the Emails and Letters area and select New. Select a Data Set from the Query Data Set drop-down. Each Data Set includes a short description and lists the Data Elements it contains. After selecting the appropriate Data Set for your email/letter, click OK.Image_3.jpg

6. You are now in the Email/Letter tool. You will see 4 tabs: Data Set, Email / Letter Body, Description, and Preview


7. The Data Set tab will populate customer information into the window according to what Data Elements ("LastName," "Email," "EventName," etc.) are available to this Query Data Set. Use the Set Parameters button to open a pop-up window where you can adjust the target audience for this email/letter by changing variables, or selecting different events/membership programs/etc. Please note that some elements may not be available to all Query Data Sets.

8. The Email / Letter Body tab is where the content of the email/letter can be created and edited. In the From field, confirm that the email address is the correct address for customers to respond to if they have questions about the letter ( or, etc.).

Emails and Letters Admin Image 5.jpg

9. To personalize the body of the email/letter for each customer, elements from the Data Set tab such as customers' first names, last names, mailing addresses, etc., are available to be merged into the body of text. Right-click within the email body, select Insert, and select the desired element. 


10. When creating your email, you can create hyperlinks and insert pictures into the body of the email by using the tool bar.

11. To create a Hyperlink within the email, highlight the text or image to which you would like to attach the URL and click the chain link icon.  Enter the URL into the textbox. If you want the link to open in a new tab once the patron clicks it, check the Open In New Window/Tab box. Click OK to finalize this step. 

12. To add an Image to the email/letter, click the picture icon. You can select an image already uploaded to your Agile domain using the Image dropdown selector, or you can click the Import button to upload a new image to your library. This is also where you can adjust the alignment of your image.  

13. Once you have drafted your email/letter, click the Description tab. This area will allow you to add internal notes about this email/letter. This typically includes a date, a short name, and any other identifying information you need for historical data. Text in the Description tab cannot be seen by the customer.

14. The Preview tab will show you what the final email/letter will look like. It also gives you the option to send a test email to yourself before sending the email out to your targeted group of customers.

15. When everything looks correct, click the Send or Print button.

16. You may save your content at any time by clicking Apply. This button won't trigger an email to go out or a letter to print.

** Note: once your email campaign has been sent you can view the statistics in the Activity window.




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