Selling a Gift Card Using POS

Gift cards can be an excellent way to raise revenue, especially during the holidays. If a customer spontaneously decides to purchase a gift card during a walkup sale, Agile gives you the power to assign a balance to a card and send the customer on their way with their new gift card.

  1. Log in to the Sales side of Agile Ticketing Solutions with your username and password. If you have not received your user credentials, please contact your system administrator. Make sure that you are cashed in before starting sales for the day. See Cashing In to Use POS and Create a Daily User Batch for further instructions.
  2. You may need to set the POS to a specific Buyer Type before you can start processing sales for the day. To do so, click the Action / Gears icon at the top of the screen and select Set Buyer Type. This will take you to a screen where you may choose the appropriate Buyer Type for these sales.
    Note: If your organization has multiple corporate organizations in Agile, you will first need to select the one you are working with by using Set Corp Organization. After that, you may select your Buyer Type.
  3. Select the appropriate Buyer Type for these sales by clicking and turning its tile blue.
  4. Click the Gift Card button at the top of the screen. Then, select your gift card program.
  5. Select the balance for this card. You can either choose a preset amount or select Enter Amount if the customer is wanting a unique balance. 
    Note: If the customer already has a gift card, they can recharge the existing card's balance instead of buying a new card. Click the Re-Charge Amount button to add the new balance to the existing card.
  6. Once you have selected an amount, the Gift Card Lookup prompt will appear. Swipe the gift card. After the gift card number populates on the screen, click Assign to add the balance to the card.
  7. To confirm that the items in the order are correct, view the Item Summary section on the right side of the screen and read the items out to the patron.
  8. Once an order has been confirmed, click the Enter Payment icon.
  9. A new window will ask you to change the delivery method. Select the desired method of delivery and click OK.
    Note: Setting E-Delivery here will not automatically queue up the customer to receive an email confirmation for this order. If you do need to send an email to this customer, then you can use the Email Last Order Confirmation / @ Symbol button above the order details after the order has finalized in Step 12.
  10. Another screen will ask you to choose the method of payment. Select the payment type that corresponds with how the customer wishes to pay (Cash, MasterCard, etc.).
     At this point, if you have a USB Credit Card swipe attached to your terminal, you can swipe the credit card. All credit card information will populate and automatically finalize the order.
  11. Click Proceed to complete the order.
  12. You will know the order is complete when the order details in the lower-right corner turn orange and (LastOrder) appears to the right of the order number.

    Note: The above information allows you to sell a gift card without capturing customer information. We recommend capturing customer information whenever possible, but it is not necessary. To assign the gift card to a customer record, select the Customer icon at the top of the POS screen before the order has been paid for. Either search for an existing customer or click Add New.
  13. If a customer already has a gift card and wants to know how much money is on it, select the Gift Card Program and then click the Check Balance icon to the right of the dollar amounts.
  14. When you click the Check Balance icon, the Gift Card Lookup window will appear. Swipe or manually enter the card number. Click Search, and the balance will appear on the screen.
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