Testing a Member's Online Benefits

Sometimes you may need to sign in as a particular member to make sure they are receiving the correct benefits. The following process will allow you to perform this check while keeping the member's login credentials secure: 

  1. Pull up the customer's information. This can be done in either Agile Admin or Agile Sales, but for this article we will focus on the Agile Admin method. Open the Customer Relations Folder and select the Customers icon.                                                                          TMOBstep1.png
  2. Search for the customer. Double-click their name in the white box below to open the Customer: Properties window.TMOBstep2.png
  3. Select the Web Login tab. Click the Add Web Login button.TMOBstep3.png
  4. Fill out the web login information with a test Username, Password, and Security Answer (testusername, testpassword, answer, etc).  The username must be unique within your organization.
  5. Use this new username and password to log into the website and check that the customer's benefits work as expected.
  6. Once you have finished testing the customer's benefits, remove the test credentials from their account. In the Web Login tab, highlight the test sign-in from the list. Select the Delete Web Login button. TMOBstep6.png
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