How to Log In to Agile Ticketing Solutions


Whether you're new to the software or an old hand at managing your program, any operation you do in Agile starts with logging in. This helps track sales against particular users, and user permissions make sure you only see the items that are most relevant to you. The following steps will show you how to sign in to the desktop app.


The desktop app has many powerful tools, but it can only run on a Windows device. To learn how to sign into the Apple-compatible, browser-friendly Web Portal, click here.


Click the Agile Ticketing icon on your desktop, or select Agile Ticketing from the Start Menu or All Programs.


Enter your assigned Username, Password, and Domain into the Login window (see your system administrator for your credentials).

Select Sales or AdminSales is the side of the software where you can place orders, edit them, or print using the fulfillment process. "Admin" is an abbreviation for Administration, the side of the software where you can build and manage pricing for events, donations, memberships, and more. Then, click Login. You will now be signed in to Agile.


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