How to Log in to the Reporting Portal

Log in Online:

Click here to reach the Web Portal login --

1. Click on the link and open the Reporting Portal. Enter in your Username, Password, and Domain.


 2. Click the Reports tab.


 3. You are now in the Reporting Portal. 


Log in From Agile: 

1.Log in to Sales.

2. Click on Support Functions.

3. Click Web Portal. 

4. Click on the Reports tab.  


5. You should now have the Reporting Portal open.




There are a couple tips and tricks that can help you navigate the Reports tab. Agile has over 120 reports to choose from, organized by category. You can find reports by clicking on any of the tabs. You can also type into the Search Bar to look up reports by keywords like "Events" "Audit" or "Account".


If you are unfamiliar with a report, you can click the "i" Information icon to read its short description. If you find a report particularly helpful, you can click the star next to the report to Favorite it and save it to the top of your Reports list and to your Home dashboard.

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