Installing Agile Ticketing

Before installing Agile Ticketing, please check the system requirements.

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to

  2. Click the Download link for "Agile Ticketing Install."

  3. When prompted, select the Open option in your browser.

  4. Click Extract ALL to pull the Install files out of the zip file.                                 extractall.jpg

  5. Start the "AgileTicketing_Install" package to start the Agile Ticketing Installation Wizard.

  6.  You may get a warning about installing the application. Click the More Info link and then click the Run anyway button to start the installation.

  7. You may need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework and will be prompted to do so before the Agile installation will start. Click Yes and follow through the installation of this component. You will need to relaunch the Agile installation again once this has completed.

  8. Click Next on the Welcome to Agile Ticketing Setup Wizard window.

  9. Click Next on the Select Installation Folder to install to the default folder (recommended) or click Browse to select a different folder.

  10. Click Next on the Confirm Installation window.

  11. Click Close on the Installation Complete window.

  12. Installation is now complete. An Agile Ticketing icon should be visible on your desktop.


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