Customer Invoicing / Balance Due Payments

Agile Ticketing Solutions now has the ability to process an order with balance due and send a link to the customer for final payment. The customer will not have access to any items on the order until payment has been collected in full. These are the steps needed to enable this feature.

1. Log in to Administration.

2. Click on the House icon to see all of your folders.

3. Click on Settings and then select System Control.

4. On the General tab scroll down until you find the Additional Settings area and check the box next to Web: Allow Balance Due Payments.


5. Click Apply to commit your changes.


Now let's have a look at how to send the invoice

1. Open SALES.

2. Look up a Customer and add tickets to the order. The system will require a customer for the order because the invoice will be emailed once complete.



3. After adding a customer and tickets click Proceed at the bottom-right corner to move on to payment.

4. On this screen you will see the final cost in the Amount field. Leave the payment type drop down on (Choose Method). This will defer this balance by default. 


5. You will see this warning and want to click YES.

6. The final step is to send the customer the invoice which we do with the Order Confirmation Button. Use OK to close the transaction.



Now let's have a look at what the customer will see.

As soon as they receive the confirmation they will be greeted with a Pay Balance button and list of items this order is for.


Clicking on the Pay Balance button opens this last page up in a web browser so they can finish the order and receive their tickets.

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