Installing Your New Boca Ticket Printer

Before you try to install your new Boca Printer on your computer or Point Of Sale please make sure you have administrative rights on the computer.

For Windows 10 PC's 

1. Plug the printer into the power adapter and turn it on.

2. When the printer is turned on connect the included USB cord to printer and computer. Please make note of the port where you are plugging the printer in as it will ALWAYS need to use that port.

3. After you have plugged in the printer the computer should open a window saying it is installing the device drivers. Allow this to finish completely before moving to the next steps.

4. After the window has closed go to the Printers and Devices menu. This can be located in the Control Panel or if you use the search bar beside the Windows button and search for Printers and Devices



5. Once you opened the Printers and Devices menu right click on the Boca printer and click on Printer Properties.


6. In the new window click on the Advanced tab and confirm that the drive being used is Boca BIDI FGL 26/46 (300DPI or 200DPI)


7. Log into Agile's Administration. 

8. Open the Settings folder and select the Location.


9. Select your Organization. Then below highlight and right-click on the terminal you are trying to add the printer to and select properties.


10.  Right-click on the terminal you are trying to add the printer to and select properties.


11. Click on Printers tab.


11. Right-click and select New.


12. In the Printer Type select Boca Windows Compatible that matches your driver from step 6, and then fill out the other fields with what you are trying to print


13. At UNC, click browse and select the Boca Printer



14. Click Apply to save and OK to close the window. 


If you are running a Windows 7/8 PC and have issues installing your Boca Printer call your Agile Ticketing Solutions Support Representative.







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