Adding a Donation in AMS

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Adding a donation in the Agent Managed Sales (AMS) interface is an effective way to process donations in the back office. This comes in handy whenever customers wish to donate over the phone or mail check donations for large gifts. Whatever the reason behind entering a gift into Agile, you can follow the steps below to learn how to add a donation in AMS:


1. Open Sales

2. Select the Buyer Type from the drop-down menu. 


3. Click the Donation tab. 


4. Click the Customer Icon Customer_Icon.jpg at the top of the screen. You can search for the customer with a variety of fields, including name, email address, and home address. If you do not find the customer, click Add New to enter the customer's information into Agile. 


5. Select the Donation program to which the customer is donating. 


6. Select or enter the Amount they wish to donate. Click Pay.  


7. Click the (Choose Method) drop-down and select the type of payment that matches how the donor is paying for the gift. Click Apply Payment to finalize the order.


8. To send the customer a copy of the receipt for tax purposes, click Order Confirmation


9. An Order Confirmation window will open. Confirm the donor's email address and click Send to forward them an email confirmation listing the amount of their gift.

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