Importing Memberships or Passes in AMS to Generate Orders

From time to time it may be helpful to print out passes or memberships for a list of customers, especially if you plan on scanning those passes or membership cards. A pass or membership needs to be on an order to be printed out from Agile. Instead of booking the orders one-by-one, you can import multiple memberships or passes in the Sales application with the following steps: 

1. Log in to Agile in the AMS Sales area. 


2. Click on the Membership tab and choose the Membership or Pass program from the list. 

3. Right-click on the Membership and select Import.

4. Click Import Example and save the spreadsheet to your Desktop.

5. Fill out the Member/Pass information in the spreadsheet. 

Note: Not all fields are required for the import. Optional columns are marked in the header. 

6. Save and close the completed spreadsheet.

7. When you are ready to import the Members/Passholders, go back to the Membership Program in AMS. 

8. Right click on the Membership Program and select Import.

9. Click the Load File button and select the completed spreadsheet. 

10. All of the Member/Passholder information will appear within the window. You can scroll through to make any last-minute edits and check for any errors.

11. Check the box next to Add Batch Label to Membership and create a unique code that will appear on the response data spread sheet after the import.

12. Select a Delivery Method from the drop-down.  

13. Click Apply and then OK.

14. The Progress window will appear.

15. Once you have reached 100%, the Save Import Results pop-up window will appear. Save the results file to your computer for future reference. Tip/Trick: Always save the results file from a pass or membership import. The import results file is a critical tool for any troubleshooting after the import has taken place because you can use the results spreadsheet to verify the customer or pass data. You can also use the results file to repeat the import and correct any mistakes with data entry without creating duplicate passes or memberships.

16. You can now go to Maintenance or the Fulfillment Batch to see that these orders have been processed and are ready to be fulfilled. 


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