How Do I Edit My Organization Page

You've received your welcome email with all of your log in credentials. Now you can edit and add important information about your organization. Follow the easy steps below to add your information. NOTE: It is very important that you fill out this information. Not only will it allow your customers to find your contact information, it will also give us your address and contact information to pay you after your event.

1. In your internet browser go to Agile's Web Portal--

2. Log in using your Username, Password, and Domian name.


3. At the top left of the screen, you will see your Organizations Name. Click on the Gear icon to open up your organization's information screen.


4. In Properties, you can update your Organization's Address and add an Administration Email. The Administration Email will appear on any email notifications that your customers will receive (i.e., etc.).


5. Click on the Upload New Logo button. This image will appear on your print at home tickets. Image size should be 400 pixels wide by 534 pixels high at 72 dpi.



6. Next, open up the Customer Service Contact menu. This is where you will add the name, email address, website address and contact phone number for the person that handles customer service inquiries for your organization. 



7. Billing Contact is where you will enter the contact information on who should receive the invoice or checks, how the checks should be made out and the address where it should be mailed.


8. Once you have finished entering this information, click on the Save Changes button.   




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