Mailchimp Integration

Please consider an API integration with Mailchimp.
Features we’d like to see:

E-commerce data:

• We would like the possibility to send reminder emails or target patrons based on the events they have attended
• Cart reminders
• See the income generated per email

Automatic feeding of membership levels, expiration dates for member only emails:

• We sort of got around this with some very crazy coding in Zapier, but we can’t say with 100% certainty that every single member update is syncing. If a member is unsubscribed to MC and their membership is updated, the Zap will fail, and their membership information will not update. If that member were to then resubscribe, the information would not be up to date.
• Would also be nice to feed in lapsed member information, so we could make segments of lapsed members and encourage them to become members again

Cost benefits:

• Zapier is an additional product only utilized to make Agile and MC speak
• We use close to 10,000 zaps a month, many of which fail because the patron has unsubscribed.

Member email updates/couple membership emails:

• If a member updates their email via Agile, this email is not automatically updated in Mailchimp.
• If there is a couple or family membership with multiple emails, only the main email goes to Mailchimp

Opt in/opt out and interest prompts:

• Opt in and opt out prompts don’t really do what they could if the systems directly integrated. I’m not sure if this could be fixed, but it would be nice if a person who is currently unsubscribed could be resubscribed when they check opt in.
• An option to choose their email interest categories under the marketing permissions checkbox
• People who don’t opt into marketing emails upon purchase would get added to MC as nonsubscribed to retarget with social and mailed pieces. (Would work best if the opt-in upon purchase would actually resubscribe nonsubscribers/unsubscribes.)

• We would love to be able to automatically feed in tags to MC, like Donation for those who donate

Essentially, the more data we can feed in from Agile to Mailchimp automatically, the more targeted our marketing could be


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