Renew Membership but Keep the Same Card

In our 'going green' efforts, it is particularly difficult to justify a member's receiving a new plastic membership card each and every year. We know the cards can last longer for multi-year renewals, but almost no one renews for more than a year at a time. We still like the Costco or AAA model, whereby one renews the membership, and the patron keeps the card, replacing it on an as needed or every three years schedule. Please make this a check-off option, i.e. need a new card? or "I'm going green and I will continue to use my current card." Another option would be, (Note: please see my other feature request from 2018), "I don't need a card. Please email me a virtual card that I can keep in my phone's wallet." Time to go green folks. This has to be doable. Thanks.

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