"Membership Renewed Within the last 30 Days" Pop-Up

Our membership folks say they receive duplicate membership renewals from current members who simply fail to realize that they had recently renewed already. It calls to mind a couple of areas for possible improvement:

1. Might there be a way that, if either spouse, in a family membership for example, has already renewed in the last 30 days, either online or by mail, and one of them attempts to renew online again, we could throw up a pop-up, asking, “Are you sure you want to renew. Someone in your household renewed your membership within the last 30 days. With a ‘CANCEL’ and a ‘CONTINUE ANYWAY’ button?

2. Another issue we encounter is somewhat the opposite, in that a customer sees their renewal pop-up, which is fine, but they choose the snail mail route to renew instead. They then go to buy tickets over the next couple of weeks, while we are still processing their renewal, yet each time they try to purchase tickets, they are bombarded by the renewal pop-up. Is there a way we could have the pop-up appear only sporadically, say every 3 logins, versus every login?

Thanks for checking this out.


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