Using a PartnerTech Cash Drawer with a PartnerTech RP-100 Receipt Printer

To connect a PartnerTech cash drawer to a PartnerTech RP-100 receipt printer and have it open the cash drawer whenever a receipt is printed:

  1. Connect the PartnerTech cashdrawer to the printer using the PartnerTech cashdrawer cable.
  2. On the PC that you have the printer is associated with, open Devices and Printers. You can do this by either searching in Windows Search or you can find it in the Control Panel.
  3. Right click on the printer driver, “RP-100-300II” and select, “Printer properties”.
  4. Select the Advanced Tab.
  5. Select the Printing Defaults… button at the bottom, left.


     6. In the new window that opens select the Paper/Quality tab.

     7.Change the Media pull-down list to “Cash Drawer #1 Before Printing”.


8. Click OK on the open windows to save the settings.

Note: Cash drawer will open every time a receipt is printed.

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