API Error Codes

All API methods report errors with the following structure.

An error code for the error that occured
A short description of the error
Example JSON Error Response
	"Message":"Required parameter appkey is missing or invalid
Example XML Error Response
<ServiceError xmlns="" xmlns:i="">
  <Message>Required parameter appkey is missing or invalid</Message>
Error Code Descriptions
Code Name Description
1000 ApplicationKeyMissing Required parameter appkey is missing or invalid
1001 UserCredentialsMissing Required user credentials are missing or invalid
1002 SecurityInsufficient User security does not permit access to the requested function
1003 RequestedVenueNotFound Requested venue not found
1004 UnableToCreateAccount Unabled to create new account
1005 DuplicateOrganizationNameFound An organization already exists with that name
1006 DuplicateUsernameFound That username is already in use
1007 RequestedEventNotFound Requested event not found
1008 SourceEventNotFound Source event not found
1009 DuplicateEventFound Duplicate event found
1010 DefaultWebServiceGroupRequired Default web service group required
1011 RequestedAccountNotFound Requested account not found
1012 RequestedTierNotFound Requested tier not found
1013 NoValidPriceCategory There is no valid price category for setting up prices
1014 NoValidRevenueAccount There is no valid revenue account for setting up prices
1015 PriceAmountInvalid That is not a valid price amounts
1016 RequiredPriceInfoInvalid Required price information is missing or invalid
1017 RequiredTierInfoInvalid Required tier information is missing or invalid
1018 RequiredAccountInfoNotValid Required account information is missing or invalid
1019 RequiredVenueInfoNotValid Required venue information is missing or invalid
1020 RequiredEventInfoNotValid Required event information is missing or invalid
1021 CustomerNotFound Customer not found
1022 MemberNotFound Member not found
1023 MemberExpired Membership expired
1024 MemberRenewalRequired Membership requires renewal
1025 MemberNotValid Membership is currently not valid
1026 OnlineAccountRequired An online account is required for Customer ID
1027 InvalidLogin Invalid username or password
1028 RequiredParameter Required parameter not provided
1029 RequiredCustomerInfoMissing Required customer information is missing
1030 RequiredBuyerTypeInfoMissing Required buyer type information is missing
1031 OrderTransactionInvalid Order/Transaction information is invalid
1032 InvalidTicketRequest Invalid ticket request
1033 InvalidTicketQtyRequest Invalid ticket quantities
1034 InvalidPromoCode Invalid promo code
1035 TransactionExpired Transaction expired
1036 TransactionClosed Transaction closed
1037 AutoAssignFailed The tickets could not be auto assigned
1038 CompAutoAssignFailed The extra comp policy tickets could not be auto assigned
1039 InvalidParameter Invalid parameter format
1040 OrganizationNotFound Requested organization not found
1041 ItemNotOnSale Requested item not currently on sale
1042 AuthenticationKeyInvalid Parameter authenticationkey is invalid
1043 OrderVoidInvalid This Order is not currently voidable
1044 RequestedItemNotFound The requested item was not found
8000 GeneralError An error has occurred
9000 UnknownError An unknown error has occurred
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