System Issue 5/7/2021

On May 7, Agile Ticketing experienced an issue with our new buffer seating support. During the launch of an on-sale for one of our clients we had several hundred customers going after a limited number of seats. This caused contention during our buffering process where customers were requesting seats within the buffer of another request. This kept some orders from completing as expected. The tech team at Agile Ticketing noticed the issue very quickly and started investigating the problem. The team worked through the weekend to identify the issue and work towards a fix for the problem. We have also been in constant contact with the client to work on a backup plan to get their events on-sale for a relaunch on Monday. This on-sale went well and customers were able to complete their orders in a timely manner. The tech team is continuing to test and verify that the issue has been fully addressed. We plan on providing a more detailed response on the Root Cause Analysis of this issue on our support site very soon.

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    John Lemon

    After careful analysis and testing we have found the issue to be related to the way the system was locking seat resources during our buffered seating process. When multiple overlapping requests for open and buffered seats would occur the system would only service the first incoming request and the rest were getting unexpected errors. This resulted in less than optimal user experience. The development and QA teams worked on this issue, tested internally with all employees, and released a fix to address the locking and contention issue this past Thursday, 5/20/21.