Cleaning Your Boca Printer


If you are having issues with your Boca Ticket Printer not printing or having issues with the quality of the tickets coming from your Boca ticket printer try the steps below 


Cleaning the Thermal Print Head

1. Make sure the power is off and the AC cord is disconnected from the printer.
3. Lift up on the print head lock assembly (located above the head mounting block or plate) to
remove pressure from the thermal head.
4. Lift up on the head mounting plate/thermal head to remove.
5. Rotate the head and clean the thermal print head surface (the side that makes contact with the paper) with isopropyl alcohol.


Cleaning the Ticket Roller

1. With the print head still removed, locate the roller.
2. Apply a small amount of Isopropyl alcohol ( 91% or higher) onto a paper towel or cotton swab to clean the rubber roller.
3. Clean only the part of the rubber roller where the ticket stock makes contact.
4. Rotate the rubber roller clockwise a little and repeat step 3; continue in the same manner for one full revolution of the rubber roller.
5. Move onto cleaning the electric eye(s).


Cleaning the Electronic Eye(s)

1. Using canned air, or the equivalent, make sure to hold the can upright and blow air over the electric eye(s). Tipping or tilting the can could cause refrigerant to be sprayed on the printer which could damage components.
2. Once the electric eye(s) are cleaned, reinstall the thermal print head.
3. Restore pressure to the head by pushing down on the print head lock lever.

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