Sending Emails and Letters in Web Portal

1. In portal click on Customer Relations on the left side of the screen. 

2. From the menu, click on Emails and Letters


3. At the top of the page, click +New Email/Letter button to start a new email.



4. Select a Data Set from the drop-down. Each Data Set includes a short description and lists the Elements that are defined. After selecting the appropriate Data Set, click Continue.


5. Next you will need to set your parameters for your email.  Set the variables and/or event in the pop up that appears. The options available change depending on the Data Set chosen and may not be available at all.




6. Fill out the Subject line of the email.


7. Set up your email using the Email Design Box. Here you can create a table, insert images, craft your message, and use dynamic fields to make your email personal to each recipient. The dynamic fields will vary according to the type of Data Set that was chosen in Step 4. You can add the dynamic fields by either using the option in the menu bar or by clicking the buttons below the Design Box. For more information on how to use snippet click here.


8. After you've created your Email there are 3 additional Optional Settings you can modify:

  A. From: - If you need to modify the "From" address of the Email from what is the default for your Organization. This field is Required*

  B. Completion Notice Email: - If there is someone who needs to be notified when this Email is sent you can put their address here.

  C. Description: - If you would like to put a Description on the Email you can. This can be useful for other users to know what this email does or what it is for.

9. Hit Save Changes. This saves your Email and/or any changes you've made.



10. If you would like to Preview or Print your Email (e.g. if you are sending it as a letter) click the Preview button. Here you can see how the letter looks with individual customer information being filled into the dynamic fields. If you'd like to print the Email(s) you can choose Print Single or Print All. The former will open a new tab with a printer-friendly version of the current Email you are previewing whereas the latter will open a new tab with a printer-friendly version of all the Emails. You may also send yourself a test of the Email from this window using the Send Test button.

11. If you are ready to send your Email out to the Target Audience hit the Send button. This will open a confirmation box displaying the description to verify this is the Email you wish to send. Hit Send again to confirm.



When you are on the main Emails & Letters page in the web portal you will see 3 buttons beside each Email. 

Pencil.png    This button will allow you to make edits to an Email

Eye.png   This button will allow you to view the activity for that Email (e.g. how many emails were sent, how many were undeliverable)

Copy.png   This button provides a new copy function that is only available in portal. You are able to copy the Email and all it's settings and parameters over into a new Email. Portal will prompt you to redefine your parameters or select a new event. Once that is done you can modify the Subject and Email Design Box sections to fit your new Email. 


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