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In Agile v6.20 we have introduced a new Entry Point Display Type called CategoryList. In this new display type, you can set up defined filters where your films are shown in a scrolling carousel of the image that is defined in their thumbnail image entry on their titles. When a customer mouses over the show, the Short Description for the film will appear as well. This new view is fully compatible with Mobile View and different browser window sizes as it will decrease the number of displayed film tiles as the window size decreases. Additionally, as a benefit for mobile users especially, film tile images will only finish loading when they are scrolled into view. This will increase page load times and decrease as much data usage for the customer as possible.

Defining the Entry Point Settings 

1. Open your House, navigate to the Web Folder, and select the Entry Points node.

2. Select your Entry Point Group (this typically has your organization's name in it).

3. Go to the lower window, right-click and hover over New, then Agile List, and select Event/Show.

4. This will open the new window below:


      A. Name your Entry Point (This is Required).

      B. Select or Add a Display Group (This is Optional).

      C. Select CategoryList as the Display Type. (This is Optional).

      D. Set the Date Offsets. If you don't specify a Start Date, then this will be a rolling Date Offset. The offset will be however many Days, Months, or Weeks you set from the current date and time. (This is Required).

5. After you have established the above settings, hit the Apply button and click the List Details tab. Here you can define the settings for:

  • Whether or not a Film's Name and Short Description are displayed
  • How many Films are Displayed per Page
  • Whether Only In Person films, Streaming films, or Both are displayed
  • What Filters are Displayed


   E. Using these settings, you can define what does and doesn't show for the tiles on this page. Both the Show Image and Show Custom Properties are required but every other setting is optional.

   F. The Per Page setting defines how many films total will appear on the page (For this view it is suggested to use a high number to fully fill out the lists, e.g. 100+). (This is Required).

   G. Using Viewing Type you can decide what types of films are included in the lists. You can select whether you only want In Person films to appear, only Streaming films to appear, or if you'd like both to show up. (This is Required).

   H. You can select the type of Filters you'd like to use here. You can use as many as you'd like. The different Filters will appear as options at the top of the web page as separate buttons. (This is Required).

   I. Check the Categorize option. (This is Required).

6. Click the Organizations tab and double-click the folder name you wish to have your film information pulled from.


7. Click Apply to save your choices and OK to close the window. If you wish to view the Entry Point, right-click on it and select Open in Browser.


Featuring Item(s) on the Page

If you would like to place a special spotlight on any films the Category Scroll Entry Point also has the ability to highlight films in a rotating carousel. 


1. Go to the Settings Node and select the Customer Property area.

2. Open the properties page for the Customer Property you're using to categorize the Entry Point.

3. Add the word Featured to the list, hit Apply and OK.

4. Go to the Custom Properties for any show you'd like to have in the rotating carousel on the Entry Point

5. Find the Custom Property that you are using to categorize and add Featured and checkmark the Hide option.

6. Save the changes to your show by hitting Apply and OK.

7. It may take a short amount of time for the Category Scroll Page to display the change but it should update quickly.






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