Google Wallet/ Apple Pay FAQ


  1. Preferred file type: PNG.
  2. Minimum size is 660px by 660px.
  3. Actual pixel size will scale to device size.
  4. Your logo will be masked to fit within a circular design. Ensure that your logo fits within the Safe Area. Do not pre-mask your logo. Leave the logo in a square with a full bleed background color. The logo should have a 15% margin so that it is not cut off when masked.





Digital passes contain certain information that the user will need for their membership or upcoming event. You can see a full list of what information is used below at Q2. For these passes, any time you update any of the information that is used by a pass, it will queue an update in the system. However, there are a few notes:

  • Whenever an update is queued, it may take a few minutes for all passes to be updated. We notify Google and Apple for each pass that is affected, and then it is up to Google and Apple and the customer’s device when the update will be fully processed.

  • When organization information is changed, such as the logo or colors, an update is not automatically queued. If you need to force an update through, go to an event/showing or membership and make a small change that would cause an update and change it back. For example, Change an event name from “12 Angry Men” to “12 Angry Men1” and then back to “12 Angry Men.”




Q1. I made a change to an event or membership, and my pass on my device is not reflecting the change.

  1. Give the system a few minutes (5+) to properly push the changes through Google or Apple’s channels. If it has been that long already, try forcing an update by going to an event/showing or membership and make a small change that would cause an update and change it back. For example, Change a show name from “12 Angry Men” to “12 Angry Men1” and then back to “12 Angry Men.” Once you have made the changes, make sure to click Apply to save the changes.

Q2. Can there be a banner type image?
A. Currently there is not.

Q3. What event info fields do the digital passes include?

  1. FOR BOTH DIGITAL EVENT TICKETS AND DIGITAL MEMBERSHIPS CARDS: Organization, Org Website, Org Phone, Org Email, Wallet Logo, Wallet Foreground Color, Wallet Background Color
    A. FOR EVENTS: Event Name, Event Start Date/Time, Event End Date/Time,, Venue Name, Venue Full Address, Venue Latitude/Longitude, Customer Names, Barcode, Seating Information (Area, Section, Row, Seat)
  2. FOR MEMBERSHIPS: Membership Name, Customer Names, Member Number, Membership Level, Barcode, Expiration Date, Organization Latitude/Longitude

Q4. Is there any way to adjust what is included in the digital passes?
A. Currently there is not. A future improvement could be to allow organizations to advertise offers to their customers through these passes.

Q5.  Does Reserved Seating information appear on the tickets?
A. Yes.

Q6. Will we be able to build a custom format or layout for our tickets and memberships for digital wallets?
A. A future improvement could be to allow custom formats.

Q7. For member cards to be available in Wallet - Do you have to enable E-Delivery as delivery method for member cards?
A. No. For memberships, on Membership Property Page, checking “Mobile Wallet Enabled” will allow the Membership to be added to customers’ wallets. Memberships eligibility to be added to wallets is solely based on this switch. However, tickets will still need a digital wallet enabled delivery method. (E-Delivery by default.)

Q8. Does it prohibit someone from having a physical card & a card saved in wallet?

  1. No. Having a membership in a customer’s wallet does not prohibit them from receiving or using a physical card.
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