Moneris P400 Cloud Pin Pad Installation

Agile Ticketing Moneris P400 Configuration Code: C000157ECP

*For Details About Setting Up New Moneris Accounts or other Configuration Codes click here*


Before starting this setup, you will need the following on-hand:

  • Your Verifone P400 terminal
  • Access to your Moneris Merchant Gateway Portal
  • Your Store ID and API key

1. Plug the Terminal into Power and Ethernet and let it boot up.

2. Under the House Icon, open the Accounting Folder and click the Merchant Icon

3. Right-click and hover the mouse over "New." In the pop-out menu, select EPaymentIntegrator.


4. A new window should appear. This is where you will set up the card-present merchant. Name the Merchant "ORG NAME Moneris Card Present" (1 in the image above Step 4).

     a. You can use this same phrase in the Description (2 in the image above).

5. For the Merchant Login, type in your StoreID (3 in the image above)

6. For the Merchant Password, type in the API key. (4 in the image above).

7. The Gateway Type should be set to Moneris (5 in the image above).

8. The Terminal Host should be (6 in the image above).

9. Set the Merchant State to your Province.

10. The check boxes should match the following image:


11. Click Apply to save your changes.

12. After Apply is clicked, a new Terminals tab should be visible.

13. Select the Terminals tab.

14. Right-click in the top window and select New.


15. Make sure the Type drop-down menu is set to Moneris Cloud. (7 in the image above Step 15).

16. The Serial Number will be an 8-character-long number located on a white sticker on the back of the device.


    a. Type this number into the Serial Number box (8 in the image above Step 15).

17. The Connection Type should be set to Cloud. (9 in the image above Step 15).

18. Click Apply and OK.

19. Right-click the new terminal that has been defined and select Pair.


 A. The system will ask for the Pair Key. This should be being displayed on the device. Type the digits into the box and click OK


B. The system will then attempt to pair with the device. If the Pair appears to succeed but the device presents a new Pair Token please see the Addendum at the bottom of this page. If the Pair fails, make sure you can see the device in your Merchant Portal. If you can see the device there, contact your Agile Ticketing Solutions Client Support Representative for assistance. If you cannot see the device in your Merchant Portal, contact Moneris.

20. Once the device has paired, right-click the device again and select Initialize. The system will display the progress in the lower window. Once this device has finished initializing, if you have additional devices to add, go back to step 14 and repeat until you have no more devices to add.

21. Click Apply to save your changes and OK to close the Merchant Properties window. 

22. While still in the Accounting folder, select the Payment Methods icon and make sure the Card Present Merchant is set to this merchant.

23. Next, go to the Settings folder and click the Location icon. Find the location with the same name as the Organization and then locate the terminal in the bottom window.

24. Right-click the terminal, and select Properties

25. In the Terminal Properties window, select the CC Terminal tab.

26. Checkmark the Merchant EMV Terminal box.

27. Select the PIN Pad device that the Terminal will be using from the drop-down menu.

A. If you do not want your Box Office personnel entering any Credit Card info into Agile manually, you can check the Credit Card Entry Restricted box.

28. Select Apply and OK.

29. Repeat Steps 23 through 28 for all other Terminals with PAX devices.

30. Once this is done, switch to Sales and run a test transaction to verify that the Merchant Account is functioning.



If during the Pairing process you have attempted to Pair your device but keep being presented with new Pair tokens you will need to contact Moneris Technical Support at 866-319-7450 and follow the prompts for technical support. You will need your Merchant Number or Store ID as well as the address for your business that Moneris has on file. Once connected to a technical representative let them know what has been occurring with your Terminals.

  • If you have some terminals that have Paired correctly and are functioning the issue is likely with the terminal load on the affected terminal. Ask the technical representative to check and verify that all payment methods are set up the same way for each terminal load.
  • If none of your terminals are working ask the technical representative to verify that all the payment methods are set up on your account correctly. If they state that they are and are unable to get your terminals to connect contact your Agile Ticketing Support Representative and request that they contact Moneris on your behalf. They will need your Merchant Number or Store ID and the address Moneris has on file in order to talk to a Technical Representative on your behalf. The Agile Agent will be able to provide examples of other clients with functioning Moneris accounts for the Moneris Technical Support Representative to check against.
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