Building an Individual Virtual Showing


1. Go into the Administration App. 

2. In your show folder click on the Show icon. Select the Show. In the Showing area, right-click and select New.


3. The Show: Copy window will appear.

4. Select the Template/Venue that is associated with this screening's date and time.


5. Choose the Start Date and Time of the screening.


6. Recurring Showing Every allows you to copy the same Venue Template and Showing Time to the days of the week of your choice. For the Through date, make sure to select the last date to which this template and time will be copied. While you can use this option for Streaming Shows it is unlikely.

7. If you are ready for this showing to be set on sale, check the box next to Set On Sale. 


22. Content Delivery is how you can define a showing as an In Person Showing or Streaming/Virtual Event. Select the Streaming/Virtual. If you are ready to Add click the Add button.

*PLEASE NOTE:  The Content Delivery option will only appear if the show linked to the showing has streaming properties defined. Please see Setting Up A Virtual Show for more information. Showing_5.jpg

23. The Show: Copy window is designed so that you do not have to close the window to create multiple showings at once. If you need to create other showings at different times or with other templates, repeat Steps 3 through 20 until all the showings are built. Then, click Close.

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