Online Cross-Sell and Alerting Options

Online Cross-Sell and Alerting Options (also known as Action Triggers) give you the power to create a pop-ups on your Agile web pages and control when customers see them. Online Cross-Sell and Alerting Options can tie a specific donation prompt to a fundraiser, advertise pre-sale concessions for filmgoers, or remind customers of requirements for an event before they buy a ticket. Online Cross-Sell and Alerting Options can target specific events or sales folders. They can even drill down to launch for a specific item or price type, giving maximum control over when the pop-up launches. 

To set up this feature, do the following:

1. Go to the Web Folder

2. Right-click the Entry Point Group and select Properties, and then choose the Actions tab.


3. Click the plus sign to open the Base Property Page to create your action


4. Enter a name for the Action. This name is for internal use only. (Point A). 

5 Provide a Description.  This field will appear as the header or title of the pop-up. (Point B).

6. Set the Display Sequence.  Note: Setting the display sequence will allow the system to prompt in the correct order if you have multiple triggers set up. (Point C).

7. Select the Type of Action.


Attestation  - The customer will see your message when they try to add a quantity of items that match your pop-up trigger criteria to their cart. They must click the "Accept" text to acknowledge the message before they can add the item to their cart. This kind of pop-up is effective to communicate COVID or Social Distance policies. It is also sometimes used to ask customers to confirm their age for any items with an age requirement.

CartNotice - The customer will see your message after they add an item that matches your pop-up trigger criteria to their cart. The pop-up will appear when the customer reaches the Shopping Cart Page online, just before they click "Proceed to Checkout." 

SuggestedSale - This pop-up will imbed another purchase page into a window that will open when the customer starts to check out. The cart will refresh once they add items. This pop-up is especially effective for pre-sales concessions and donation prompts targeted to customers for specific events. *Please see addendum for best practice suggestion for use of a list type URL*


8 Define the Decline/Close Text - The text here will appear on the pop-up's declination or close button. (Point D)

9. Define the Accept Text - The text here will appear on the button that allows customers to acknowledge an Attestation and proceed with their order. Note: this will not be used for every type of action. (Point E)

10. For SuggestedSell you can add the purchase link of the items you are suggesting that the customer purchases (i.e link to your online concessions). (Point F)

11. Trigger Level - This allows you to define how the triggers will match against the criteria they are set for. 


* Optional  - At least one of these triggers will need to match at least one item in the customer's cart for the pop-up to launch.
* Required  - All these triggers will need to match all of the items in the customer's cart for the pop-up to launch.

12. Trigger Type Selector - The next box is what we match against which can be the ItemName, PriceType, SalesFolder, SalesLineType, SKUName or TierName


13. Trigger Specifier - Choose Is (Exact Match ) or Contains (selector has the specified item).


14. Trigger Item - The last box allows you to find our item based on presets that are already there or simply type the value in the box. 


15. Click the plus sign to add the Trigger.

16. If you wish for there to be custom text in the popup window the HTML tab allows you to add text that will appear at the top of the window.


Addendum: If you are using an Agile List type URL for your SuggestedSale Link URL Agile's best practice guidelines are for you to set this List Entry Point to Inline Purchase mode. To do so:

1. Go to the Entry Point, right-click and select Properties.

2. Select the List Details Tab.

3. Checkmark Inline Purchase Mode.

4. Hit Apply and OK.








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