Agile Ticketing Update 6.19

00:14 Social Distance Seating
04:16 Online Cross-Sell and Alerting Options
09:56 Concessions Fulfillment
12:00 Kiosk Mode for Gate Control
We are excited to announce our most recent update is about to be released. This update provides significant benefits to the Agile Ticketing System.  The update is expected to occur early July 21, 2020, between the hours of 3:00 AM CST and 5:00 AM CST.

During this time, you will not be able to access the ticketing platform, run reports, and receive any automated reports.

The next time you log into the system on or after Tuesday, July 21, you will automatically be updated to the newest version. The update should only take a few moments to apply. Once the update is complete you will be able to access the system as you normally would. A summary of all the changes included in this update is shown below.


  • Social Distance Seating
    • Define the number of rows in front of and behind a seat, as well as the number of seats to the left and right that should be blocked around seat requests.
    • When seats are assigned the system will automatically change surrounding seats from default open inventory to a selected "Social Distance Buffer" group.
    • Works with manually picked seats or auto-assignment.
  • Online Cross-Sell and Alerts
    • Provide other items for purchase in their cart, alert the customer with custom text, or require them to accept an attestation when adding certain items.
    • Define matching criteria based on Sales Line Type, Folder, Item name, Tier/SKU name, and Price name.  
    • Example Use Cases:
      • Certain tickets require the customer to be over 21 or must accept a waiver.  
      • Purchasing a film then cross-sells them concessions for purchase.
      • Purchasing a certain event then asks for a donation for a specific cause.
      • Provide a message after purchasing defined items.
  • Concessions Fulfillment
    • Fulfillment can be set to automatically print concession orders every few minutes for orders with upcoming events.
    • The screen can be auto refreshed and fulfilled manually.
    • Order receipts give details about what to prepare for the order.
  • Gate Control Presentation Mode
    • Set a point of sale terminal in an unattended ticket scanning mode.  
    • Verify tickets with no contact with the customer.
    • This mode takes over the whole screen and requires a pin code to exit.
  • Inventory Group Changes
    • Define a sold image and unavailable image to make online seat grids easier to understand.  
    • Provide customers with peace of mind by allowing them to see where actual customers are sitting and surrounding seats that may be unavailable.
  • Inline Purchase Option
    • Useful in conjunction with the new Cross-Sell feature to provide easy purchase of concession items from the cart page.

Maintenance Items

  • Fixed issue where past events would be added as part of an assignment policy.
  • Fixed a system exception that would occur when inserting an image into a catalog item's price description.
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