Refund in POS Using a PAX Device

  1. Using the Order Search button in Point of Sale pull up the order you wish to perform maintenance on.
  2. Click on the item(s) you wish to void.
    1. If you have one item click on it will automatically void the item.
    2. If you have multiple items a new window will appear. There select the items you wish to void and hit the checkmark at the bottom.
  3. With the Items voided hit the EMV button
  4. You will see a box pop up that says IndependentRefund
  5. Swipe or Type in the Credit Card number.
  6. The device will say “Please Wait Processing Online”, wait.
  7. The screen will then change to “Transaction Approved! Thank You”
  8. The system will then generate a receipt and the transaction is completed
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