Managing Variable Fees in Web Portal

1. Log into Web Portal. 


2. Click on the Variable Fee button. (If you do not see the Variable Fee button on the left side of the screen, please contact your support representative). 


3. If you are making edits to a Variable Fee, click on the Pencil Edit icon to the left of the fee. 


4. If you would like to create a Variable Fee, click on the Add Variable Fee button at the top of the screen. 


5. To build a Variable Fee, first select the folder where it will be housed. 


6. Fill out some basic information about your fee:(required)


A) Name: name of the fee that will be visible to customers online.

B) Sort Name: name of the fee that governs how names will be sorted online.

C) Sales Line Type: select the Type that best fits the fee from the drop-down. 

D) Account: select the correct Revenue-Payment Account or create a new one by clicking on the ellipses.

E) Defined Levels: enter in the different available levels of the fee. Click Add to add levels or click the red Trash Icon to remove levels. Click Allow Open Amount Entry Box if you would like the customer to define the fee amount. 

F) Display Sequence: places the fees in a specific order.

G) Project Code: select the correct item from the list or create a new one by clicking on the ellipses.

H) Enabled: make sure this is checked to make the Variable Fee available.

7.  Next, scroll down to the Sales Channel Availability section, where you can set a time period for your Variable Fee to begin and end.  (required)


a. First, select a Mode. Advanced Mode breaks out your sales channel options to the web and box office. You are able to set specific parameters for Web Sales and Box Office sales. Simple mode allows you to make changes to all Sales Channels at once. 

b. Click the box next to the Sales Channels you would like to activate. 

c. Set the times that you would like for your tickets to go on sale and off sale.

d. If you would like to alert your customers or staff about the fee during the checkout process, you must check the box next to Alert During Checkout. 

8. In the Descriptives area, you can go into details about your Variable Fee: (optional)


-Description: the detailed description box. Add in as much information as needed in this field. 

-Levels Area Description: allows you to enter important information that appears with different price levels, such as in the image below. 


-Short Description: It is recommended that you enter a short descriptive that will be seen under Fee Information (more info will appear when longer descriptions are necessary).

-Selection Prompt: input text that will appear on your web page above the dollar values.

-Confirmation Email: includes information specific to the fee, which will appear in the confirmation email.

9. In the Images section, you are able to add images to your Variable Fee. Click on the up arrow to upload an image from your desktop. (optional)


10. In the Questions section, questions are used to gather information from customers. You can ask the customer specific questions about their order by moving a question from the Available Questions field to the Selected Questions field. (optional)


-To create new questions, click on the New Question button. 


Question Text: the question that will appear online.

Type: select the type of answer you would like from the drop-down. 

Available values: allows you to enter select-able answers to the question.

Default Value: this answer will be automatically selected. If left blank, no answer will be automatically selected.

Regular Expression: determines how the data should be entered and defined.

Example Text: If the answer requires a Regular Expression Format, give an example here (i.e. enter birthday as 01/05/1980).

Usage: "Per Sales Line Item (i.e. Each Event)" should be selected if the answer is only required per event. "Per Each Quantity (i.e. Each Ticket)" should be selected if the answer is required for each ticket.

Ticket Format Index: allows you to assign the answer to the question as text on the ticket format. 

Answer Max Length: enter in the maximum answer length in characters. 

Required: check this if the question must be answered by the customer before finalizing the order.

Agent Managed Question: select this if the question should only be asked by ticket agents.

Enabled: check if the question should be enabled.

11. Once you have all of the information for your Variable Fee built, click the Save Changes button. (required)


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