Setting up the 5514 Floor Kiosk

1.  Your Kiosk will have arrived. Unbox everything, carefully removing the floor stand from the shipping pallet. IMG_20190923_142203711.jpg

2. Open the box that contains the Kiosk screen. Unscrew the two bolts on the bottom of the screen. 2019-09-26_153921.jpg

IMG_20190923_133300973.jpg IMG_20190923_133252610.jpg

3. Once you have unscrewed the screws, remove the bottom plate. IMG_20190923_133356218.jpg

4. Now, remove the four screws on the back of the floor stand in order to remove the back cover. 2019-09-26_154855.jpg


5. You will notice that there are bolts on the back of the kiosk screen. Those bolts will align with the holes in the Kiosk floor stand. Place the bolts in the holes and then gently press down until the kiosk screen locks into place. 



6. Tighten the bolts with a 7/16" wrench through the back panel of the floor stand. 


7. Now, plug in the printer USB into USB port 1. Then, plug in the power cord and the Ethernet cord. 


8. Place the covers back onto the bottom of the kiosk screen and the back of the floor stand. 


9. At the bottom of the stand, plug everything in. Your kiosk is good to go. 


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