Having Trouble Running The Agile Ticketing App After 6.10 Update?

The Agile Ticketing Update for version 6.10 requires a new version of our application framework.  If you see the message "This application requires one of the following versions of the .NET Framework: .NETFramework, Version=v4.6.2" shown below, you do not have everything required to run Agile Ticketing.  


You can resolve this issue by downloading the required framework package now and completing the installation.

You can also download the required file by clicking on the "Yes" button defined on the error you see above.

  1. This will open up your web browser where you need to scroll down the page to the "Other .NET Framework Downloads" area and click on the ".NET Framework 4.6.2" link.

  2. This will download the required package.  Click on this to run the framework installation.


  3. After completing the setup you will need to reboot your computer.
  4. Once the computer has rebooted you will be able to run the Agile Ticketing app.


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