Performing a full or partial refund in PoS

In order to perform a refund in PoS you will first need to sign in to AMS Sales and be cashed in, follow These Instructions if you are unfamiliar with that process.


Once you are cashed in and ready to work you need to do a search for the order you need to refund. Click on the Order Search button in the top right to start.

refundpos 1.5.0.png


In the Enter Order Number or Customer Keyword search bar enter the information you have for finding the order you need to refund. This could be the order number or any customer information such as a name or email address. Use the Enter key or search button to find your order.

refundpos 1.5.1.png


The order you are looking for should appear on the list under Search Results. Click below the date and time on that order to load it in the POS.


refundpos 1.5.2.png


Now that the order is open in Maintenance Mode click on the item group you need to remove all or part of in the cart.

refundpos 1.5.3.png


A window will open containing all items in that group as individual items, click any item you wish to refund and it will turn red and get a strike through the name to confirm removal.

refundpos 1.5.4.png


Click Accept once you have selected all the items you need to refund.

refundpos 1.5.5.png


Confirm the refund amount in the cart summary Refund Due field and click Enter Payment at the top of the screen.

refundpos 1.5.6.png


For Select Refund Method choose how you want to perform this refund from the drop-down menu. If this customer paid with a card the system still has access to you will find that card with last 4 listed, select that to refund back to the purchase card. For all other refunds you will need to select a method such as cash or check.

refundpos 1.5.7.png


Click Proceed to finalize this refund, select if you want a receipt.

refundpos 1.5.8.png

refundpos 1.5.9.png


You can send a copy of this refund to the customer's email using the quick email button in the order summary area.

refundpos 1.5.10.png


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