Agile Ticketing Update 6.33

00:16 Loyalty Program

10:07 Portal Enhancements

13:00 DKIM and SPF Email Validation

14:11 Guest Checkout

15:47 Reporting


We are excited to announce our most recent update is about to be released. This update provides significant benefits to the Agile Ticketing System. The update is expected to occur early March 26, 2024, between the hours of 3:15 AM CST and 5:00 AM CST.

During this time, you will not be able to access the ticketing platform, run reports, or receive any automated reports.

The next time you log into the system on or after Tuesday, March 26, 2024, you will automatically be updated to the newest version. The update should only take a few moments to apply. Once the update is complete you will be able to access the system as you normally would. A summary of all the changes included in this update is shown below.


  • Loyalty Program
    • Added ability to create a loyalty program or add loyalty features to an already existing membership program.
    • Able to define what types of items allow accrual of loyalty points.
    • Able to define what types of items can be redeemed with loyalty points.
    • Able to define points per dollar for point accrual by loyalty level.
    • Able to define points per dollar for redemption by loyalty level.
    • Customers can decide when they want to redeem points during the purchase of tickets, merchandise, concessions, memberships, and etc.
    • Points accrue 30 days past the purchase date or past the event date on the order.
  • Portal
    • Added support for editing Buyer Types.
    • Added support for editing Payment Policies.
    • Added support for editing Customer Classifications.
    • Added support for editing Delivery Prices.
    • Added ability to set classification on customers.
    • Added the ability to send emails directly from the customer details page.  The email will come from your organization's defined email address.
    • Added ability to set up prices and say they should evaluate Service Fees automatically.
  • DKIM and SPF Email Validation
    • Added support for signing emails via DKIM email authentication standard.
    • Users should make sure their SPF and DKIM DNS records are valid to make sure we are able to sign emails.  Email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and others are requiring these levels of authentication to ensure the validity of emails being sent to their users.
    • See Article Ensuring Email Delivery for more information.  
  • Guest Checkout
    • Added check to see if a guest customer record already exists and use that instead of creating another customer with the same primary information.
    • If the customer already has an online account they are directed to sign in to make sure their purchases are kept together.
  • Reporting
    • Period Over Period can be used to compare sales information for two defined periods (Year 1 vs Year 2 or Qtr 1 vs Qtr 2).  Includes sales amounts and quantities by Sales Line Types, Folders, and Buyer Types.  Able to see sales trends for each by month over the periods.
    • Added the ability to filter Tax Letters by multiple Sales Line Types.

Maintenance Items

  • Added a check when running the app to show an unsupported message on older operating systems like Windows 7.
  • Fixed issue with selection of available items showing incorrect title in portal.
  • Added an option to check for optional updates in the case the app crashes.
  • Added an option to reinitialize Moneris payment devices when they encounter an error.
  • Fixed an issue with touch point date format in portal.
  • Fixed an issue with donation pledge settings information overlapping each other.
  • Fixed an issue with downloading animated .gif files and losing the animation.
  • Fixed an issue where large images would exceed the space in web pages.
  • App built and running against updated app framework.
  • Made adjustments to the tier and event price edit module on portal.
  • Changed the Forgot Member Number process to send an email to the member with their information rather than revealing their member number directly on the site.
  • Fixed an issue where member benefits would not immediately be available depending on what time zone the organization is in.
  • Made sure DonorPerfect integration stamps the donor record with the Agile Ticketing customer number when it finds the record already exists in DP.
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