Agile Ticketing Update - 6.6

We are excited to announce our most recent update is about to be released.  This update provides significant benefits to the Agile Ticketing System.  The update is expected to occur early Wednesday morning October 5, 2016.  The next time you log into the system on or after Wednesday you will automatically be updated to the newest version.  The update will take approximately five minutes.  Once the update is complete you will be able to access the system as you normally would.  A summary of all the changes included in this update is shown below.

We will be hosting two Learning Lab webinars on Thursday, October 6 at 10AM Central Time and 2:30PM Central Time.  To register for one of these sessions, CLICK HERE.


    • Added the Receipt Preference setting to be applied to gift types defined in Agile.
    • Added support for DPO's code based (drop-down selection) fields in the integration.
    • Added the ability to store answers to questions asked for an item purchased in Agile in a specific gift or other info field in DPO.
    • Added support for a New/Renewal field in DPO to help determine new versus renewing members.
    • Add IP Address to Credit Card Charge Back Report allowing clients to send information to Merchant Services that will allow them to investigate fraudulent charges.
    • Added filtering capabilities based on box office customer, Sales Channel, and Buyer Type to the Customer Extract report.
    • Added service fee charges to the line item details in the Order Confirmation report.
  • Added new images in the administration app that will help differentiate retired Corporate or Sales Level Organizations
  • Added the ability to edit the Name for Venues, Sales Line Types, Buyer Types, and Inventory Groups.
  • Added an option at the Show/Event level that will allow the client to choose if they want to exclude or include Extra Visuals from the included Events.
  • Added Password Protection at the Entry Point as well as the Entry Point Group level.
  • Added Display type to EntryPoint list in the administration app.
  • Added a new Delivery method that the clients are now allowed to choose if they have Agile fulfill their items.
  • Added the Opening and Closing Cash and Checks to the Web Outlet component.
  • Added better representation of tables in the Admin, Sales and Diagram view. 
  • Added enhanced message board area and easier message capability in Agile for better internal communication with your box office staff.
  • Added the capability to scan a membership to search and find unredeemed tickets for that membership.
  • Now have the capability to add a specific offset Start and End Date for Customer Benefits (both sliding and static benefits).
  • Added a basket expiration timer for Web sales to notify customers that their shopping cart is about to expire.
  • Modified Event Check-In Feature of Web Portal to look for an open batch on the event or daily batch to create a scan log that will be included in the Gate Control reports.
  • Added the capability of deleting ticket formats that are no longer being used.
  • Added a Membership Duplication Check for online purchases and renewals that will notify the customer that they already have a membership that can then be renewed.
  • Now have the Agile ScanSmart app for scanning tickets, memberships, passes, on your Andriod or Apple devices (Sign up and additional fees apply. Contact your Client Support rep for additional information and pricing).

Maintenance Items:

  • Fixed an issue with Ticket Preview
  • Fixed an issue when creating a new event with no Customer Properties or Extra Visuals
  • Fixed an issue with Setting/Changing a contact on an order
  • Fixed Cash In prompt when selling a package
  • Fixed an issue with the nightly PAX authorization logs for settlement
  • Fixed an issue on PAX/Moneris terminal that was printing payment receipts twice.
  • Fixed an issue in the HTML Editor that would keep clients from setting a Link on the Image.
  • Fixed and issue with Mobile E-Delivery that was not working when using the Agile Modern Skin.
  • Fixed issue in Custom Properties that allows the Facebook profile image to show up next to the link.
  • Fixed an issue with Customer Import.

If you have any questions or concerns about this update please email us at  This support email address allows you to communicate with us any enhancements or issues related to the Agile Ticketing system.  You should always feel free to contact us via any of the following support options: (615)360-6700, (877)282-8942, or

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