Setting up a Ticket Assignment Policy in AMS

A Ticket Assignment Policy (formally called the Comp Policy) allows organizations to create a certain set of rules that will allow you to assign additional tickets to a single ticket purchase. You can use this feature to build a BOGO promotion. Or, if you are selling Tables, it will allow you to bundle all of the seats at that table to be purchased under a single price. You can also use a ticket assignment policy to make sure a reserved parking space or box will come with certain number of general admission tickets.


1. Log into Administration.

2. Choose the Blue Sales Folder and then select the TemplateEvent, or Show for which you will be creating a ticket assignment policy.

3. In the Template/Event/Show, you will need to create your purchase price and the $0.00 value/ticket type to associate with the purchased ticket. Make sure to list this as a Restricted Price Level 4 Hidden Price as you will not sell this Comp type ticket individually.  


4. When you are ready to start creating the policy, right-click on the Tier/Inventory where you want to build the Assignment Policy and click Properties.


5. Select the Assignment Policy tab.


6. Right-click in the white field and select New.


7. In the Assignment Policy: New pop-up window, choose the Ticket Type from the drop-down that will be the ticket that will be available for purchase. This is the ticket that the customer will choose when purchasing. If this Assignment Policy is available for all ticket types, then leave Any Ticket Type selected. 


8. You will need to select the number of tickets that need to be purchased in the Initial Quantity of and the Each Additional Quantity of (generally this is 1 and 1). 


9. Right-click in the Assign These Tickets window and select New


10. In the Assignment Policy: New window, enter the number of tickets that will need to be assigned to the purchased ticket(s) (i.e. For a Buy One Get One promotion you would select 1; for a Table, you would enter the additional number of seats that would need to be assigned to the single ticket that was purchased; for a reserved parking space or box, then you enter the number of tickets a patron gets with their renewal). 


11. You can choose a specific Event OR if you are building this in a Template, select the name of the Template from the sales folder. 


12. Select the Tier from which the inventory will be pulled. 


13. Select the Ticket Type that will be assigned to the purchased ticket.


14. Click on Apply and OK to save this Assignment.


15. Click on the Sales Channel tab and choose where this assignment will be available to purchase. 


16. Click OK to save this the Assignment Policy.

17. Click OK to close the Tier window.

NOTE: Assigned tickets will be allocated through the Best Available auto assignment. On reserved seating, it is not guaranteed that it will assign seats next to each other. We recommend that you test the policy to make sure that the assignments are working correctly prior to publishing them for the public on sale. 




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