Setting up Ticket Comp Policy

1. Log into Administration.

3. Choose the Sales Organization folder and then select the Event or Show you will be creating a comp policy for.

4. First, create a $0.00 value/ticket type to associate with the purchased ticket. Make sure to list this as a Restricted Price as you will not sell this comp type ticket individually.  

5. When creating the policy, right click on the Tier/Inventory where you want to build the comp policy and select Properties 


7. Select the Comp Policy tab.

8. Right click in the white field and select New.

9. In the Comp Policy: New pop up window, choose the Sales Channel from the drop-down that the comp policy will be available.

10. Choose the Effective Date and the Ticket Type that the customer will purchase.

11. Next, you will need to click on the Apply button at the bottom right of the window to save the current information. 

12. Enter the Required Minimum Purchase Qty in the top area. Right click and select New in the top field.

13. Select Assignment Qty, Tier, and Sales Line Type then click Search.

 14. Select the $0.00 price ticket/comp that will be assigned when a ticket is purchased.

15. Click on Apply to save this comp type.

16. Enter Each Additional Purchase Qty and then repeat steps 12 through 15.

17. Once all Comp Policies have been put in place, click OK to save the information.




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