Catalog Reports

The Reporting Portal can be found under the Support Functions header from both Administration and Sales.

Your Reporting log-in credentials are the same as your Agile software username and password. New users for the Reporting portal can be added in Agile just as you would add for any new user in the system. Creating User Names for your Staff

Reports are permission based so if you do not see a report listed, first check with your organization's administrator or contact your Agile Client Support Representative.


Catalog Audit: Shows sales summary by item name but combines SKU & Price Type.

Catalog Audit Extract: Gives more information in spreadsheet form separated out into columns. (For example: The difference from a catalog audit is showing SKU & Price Types separately).

Catalog Manifest Extract: Choose catalog org with sale date range and get detail of each customer and catalog item purchased. 

Catalog Per Caps: Choose catalog org, sale date range, and event org to show a total sales, transaction numbers, attendance scans, and figure the per cap ratio total. 

Catalog/Event Sales Analysis Extract: Choose event date range to show event info with catalog sales by purchase date and time.

Product/SKU Sales Audit Extract: Choose catalog org with sale date range and get full product listing with SKU information and number sold and revenue. 

Product/SKU Inventory Audit Extract: Choose catalog org to find a breakdown of inventory remaining by each product name and SKU

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