Catalog Reports

You can pull reports from the Reports tab in Web Portal. To access web portal from the Agile Ticketing Solutions Application click on the Support Functions button in the top of the screen. Then click Web Portal.  


The click on the Report button to the side of the screen.



New users for the Reporting portal can be added in Agile just as you would add any new user in the system. This can be done in the Administration side of the Agile Application (See Creating User Names for your Staff for more information) or through the Web Portal (See Adding New Users in Web Portal for more information).

Reports are permission-based, so if you do not see a report listed, first check with your organization's administrator or contact your Agile Client Support Representative.


Catalog Item/Event Sales Analysis Extract: Choose event date range to show event info with catalog sales by purchase date and time.

Product/SKU Inventory Audit Extract: Report pulls a spreadsheet of all catalog items that were sold. 

Catalog Item/SKU Sales Audit Extract: Report pulls current Inventory in a spreadsheet for an easy inventory check. 

Catalog Audit: Shows all catalog items sold for a certain sales period. You can include detail by Sales Channel, By Location and Also include Inventory Details. 

Catalog Manifest: Report pulls Customer Order details including Customer, the date of the order, order number, Items purchased, amount of purchase and how they purchased. 



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