Create Addit Links

1. Login to Administration. 

2. Under the Web folder, open the Entry Points icon.


3. From here, select the correct entry point group and below it, right-click the Entry Point you want to use for the addit links. Click Open in Browser.


4. In the browser, click the purchase link to add a membership to your cart.

5. Copy the URL of the purchase page into Notepad or a similar application.

6. After the ampersand (&) in the URL, add the following: “addit={membership level}&”. Where membership level is, add the name of the membership, using a "+" instead of a space. For example: addit=festival+fan&

There is the ability to specify the quantity of membership added to the cart, if the client does not want only one added. To do this, add a "~{quantity}&" after the membership level. EXAMPLE: addit={membership+level}~{quantity}&

You can also create addit links specifically for 12 month pledge memberships as well. To create an addit link for a 12 month pledge membership, follow the same steps above, after the "{quantity}" include a "~true" for a 12 month pledge or "~false" if it is not a 12 month pledge. EXAMPLE: addit={membership+level}~{quantity}~{true}&

Additionally, you can create addit links with promo codes attached. After the 'true/false' for a pledge you would add another "~{promo code}&". Example: addit={membership+level}~{quantity}~{pledge true/false}~{promo}&

7. This is the link you will add on your website so customers can click on it, and it will add that one membership to their cart. You can test this by copying the link into a web browser, and you will see the membership added into your cart.

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    Mary Jane Charriere

    Notes for special characters in level names;
    %20 = space
    %2D = -
    %28 = (
    %29 = )
    %2B = +