Adding a New Buyer Type

Buyer Type is a system policy group that defines the policies associated with a subset of costumers in relation of how they interact with your organization.  Some common Buyer Types are Web/Retail, Web/Members, AMS/ Box Office, etc. A Buyer Type must be selected in AMS before an order can be started. Web Buyer Types are defined by the link used to start an online sale.

1. Log in to Administration.

2. Click on the Corporate Organization icon .

3. Open the Pricing folder and select the Buyer Type icon.

4. Right click and select New.


5. The Buyer Type window will appear

6. In the General Tab:

    A) Sales Channel: select the correct option from the drop-down. 

                      AMS: used for walk up Box Office sales at your venue.
                      Gate Control: used for scanning tickets.
                      Kiosk: used for in-person, outlet type sales
                      Web: used for online sales.

        B) Buyer Type: type in the name for the buyer type.

   C) Restriction: select the type of restriction on the buyer type. Generally, most are

             left unrestricted.

   D) Display Sequence: enter in the number for the order of the buyer type.

   E) Group Sales: check if the buyer type is meant for group sales.

   F) Customer Class Limited: Allows you to limit who has access to this buyer type based on pre-set  Customer Classification rules.

   G) Season Required: Used if this is a season package that needs to be renewed.  This requires the customer to have a subscription from the previous year to access the packages.

   H) Membership Required: Requires a Member record  in order to access to process an   order.

   I) Customer Required: when selling with this buyer type, a customer record must be attached to the order.

7. Event Defaults tab:

        A) Start/End Sale Date: set the defaults for the sales channels. These can be left blank.
        B) Enforce Quantity: set the default for how many tickets can purchased by the                                                        customer.
        C) Display Message: set the message that will appear when tickets are not on-sale.

8. Customer Class: pull over the customer classes that are allowed to purchase with this       buyer type.


9. Foreign Sales Orgs: If you are  a Regional Organization with multiple Corporate Organizations housed select the organizations that will be able to use this buyer type.

10. Notes: add internal notes here, these will not be seen by the customer.

11. Once all of the information has been filled out click Apply and OK to close the window and save your work. 

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