Agile Ticketing Update - 6.4

We are excited to announce our most recent update is about to be released.  This update provides significant benefits to the Agile Ticketing System.  The update is expected to occur early Wednesday morning August 5, 2015.  The next time you login to the system on or after Wednesday you will automatically be updated to the newest version.  The update will take approximately five minutes.  Once the update is complete you will be able to access the system as you normally would.  A summary of all the changes included in this update are shown below.


    • We continued to make further changes to the DPO integration based on feedback.
    • Added a new filter option to control what customers are moved to the DPO database.
    • Added the ability to do DPO code maintenance in Agile admin app.
    • Added a new "Credit Card Chargeback Details" report for getting information to submit to a merchant provider when a customer questions a charge.
    • Made changes to reports that contain charts so they are correctly shown in the HTML view.
    • Changed the "Sales by Hour" report to be "Sales by Time" to reflect new support for different time ranges.  You can now choose Hour, Day of Week, Week, or Month for grouping admission sales totals.
    • Added Fair Market Value support to the "Gross Revenue - Box Office Statement" and "Gross Revenue - Rentrak/EDI" reports.  To correctly report revenue for member benefit tickets the Fair Market Value on the price records can be set to the normal value of the ticket instead of $0.00.
  • ENHANCED MEMBER IMPORT:  Updated the member import process to accept multiple addresses.  Customers without memberships can also be imported in the same process.  Added a success column and notes column to the results file created after the import verify records were correctly imported.
  • CUSTOMER IMPORT: Added the option for organizations to import their own customer list in the admin app.  The functionality of this import process is the same as the membership import that has long been supported.
    • Added a "Batch Printer" option to the printer setup to control if a printer is available for batch fulfillment.
    • Catch that a User Batch has not been opened and ask if the user wants to cash in.
    • Added a warning if multiple printers of the same Form Type are chosen as the batch will be split across those printers.
    • Header format default is chosen based on the type of tickets being printed.
    • Customers now get notified if they already have an account based on their email address when creating a new account online.
    • If the system finds a duplicate email then the customer is forwarded to the login process instead of creating the duplicate customer account.
    • In cases where the customer has not created a username and password they will be assisted with setting up the remainder of their online account information.
  • Added the ability to select certain Shows/Showings in the Sales Channel Maintenance screen.
  • Added new messaging to make sure members know to log in to get special access/pricing on an event.
  • Updated the password reminder email with a new password reset process.
  • Added a tax letter CRM for sending tax letters to customers that have donated or purchased items that have a tax deductible portion.
  • Added an exact amount button to the discount option in Point of Sale.
  • Added the ability to edit multiple membership price records in one operation.
  • Added the ability to add recurring events/showings in one operation.
  • Added an extra verification step to check CVV2 and Address information with bank before authorizing a card.  This allows us to catch errors that will stop an authorization from going through before the customers money gets tied up.
  • Added support for EMV Chip terminals through Moneris US and TSYS merchant accounts.
  • Added the ability to copy events and templates with all pricing information from one sales level organization to another.

Maintenance Items:

  • Improved application start up time.
  • Made messaging changes to the membership sign on process before tickets are on sale to the general public.
  • Made changes to the way Date TBD events are displayed in several online views.
  • Added a warning message when changing membership expiration dates without changing benefit dates.
  • Rounding on tax calculations will round up to the next penny instead of following bankers rounding.

Special Notice:

Beginning October 1, 2015, Agile Ticketing's applications will no longer support running on Windows XP.  Microsoft ended support for XP on August 8, 2014 and no longer provide security updates. Also, we have scheduled a change to our server infrastructure on October 1 to disable the TLS 1.0 secure communications protocol in order to maintain PCI compliance.  Windows XP does not support any newer version of TLS and will therefore not be able to connect to the ticket servers.  We have begun contacting everyone that is still using XP to help them figure out the best approach to upgrading their terminals to a supported configuration.

If you have any questions or concerns about this update please email us at  This support email address allows you to communicate with us any enhancements or issues related to the Agile Ticketing system.  You should always feel free to contact us via any of the following support options: (615)360-6700, (877)282-8942, or

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