Creating a Blue Folder (Sales Organization Folder) in Administration

1. Log In to Administration. If you do not have your log in credentials, contact your system administrator. (Image 1) 


Image 1


2. Right Click on the Corporate Organization icon .

3. Select New Folder. (Image 2)


Image 2


4. Type the Name of the new folder, and create a Short Name in the designated boxes. Examples of folder names include: Events, Merchandise, Memberships, etc. (Image 3)


Image 3


5. In the pop-up screen, select Tree Management. (Image 4)

Image 4


6. In this screen, you will select the Sales Line options for this folder. These options are based on what will be housed in the folder ( i.e. events, memberships, or catalog items etc..). (Image 5). 

Image 5


7. Once you have selected your options, click Apply to save the information and OK to complete the creation of your folder. (Image 6)

Image 6

8. When you open new sales folder, you will see the different administration tools in your completed folder. (Image 7)  

Image 7

9. You are now ready to create items or events in your sales folder. 

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