Facebook App Integration

You now have the ability to create a Facebook App that allows you to sell tickets directly from your organizations Facebook page.  The following steps are how to create this app. PLEASE NOTE: You must be an administrator for both Agile Ticketing Solutions and for your organizations Facebook page in order to create the app.

  1. Log into Administration on the Agile Software.
  2. First you will need to go to the Security folder and create a Facebook Web User. We recommend that you use your organization name and then Facebook User (i.e. agilefacebookuser). Make sure that associated Sales Channel is set to Web. For more instructions on how to create a username and password, see Creating User Names For Your Staff.
  3. Next, open the yellow Web folder.
  4. Click on the Entry Point Icon                                                                                       
  5. In the Entry Point Group right click and select New then Internet Group
  6. Enter the name of the Entry Point Group. We recommend that you put your organizations name in front of Facebook App for the name of the entry point group (i.e. Agile Film Facebook App). 
  7. Point the Sales User to the Web User name you created in Step 2
  8. Choose Online Web Sales from the Sales Terminal drop down. 
  9. In the Skin drop down, choose Facebook App
  10. Right click in the Buyer Types field and select the Web Sales Channel that is available to your organization (This is generally Web-Standard, but some organization may have different web sales channel types)
  11. Click OK to save your Entry Point Group.
  12. Next, you will create the Entry Point that will become part of the App. Most organizations use the Agile List/Calendar view to appear on their page. See Creating An Entry Point.
  13. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the URL and then paste it on Notepad. You will need to use this URL later on the Facebook Developers page.   
  14. Make sure that you are logged in to Facebook. Once logged in, go to the following URL, .
  15. At the top right of the page, you will need to click on “My Apps” and then select Add A New App.                                                                         
  16. Select the Website icon from the page.   
  17. Enter the name of your new app and then click on Create New Facebook App ID
  18. Select No to the question Is this a test version of another app?  
  19. Enter your contact email address.
  20. Select the Category that closest represents your organization (i.e. Entertainment, Business, etc.).                     
  21. Click on Create App ID.
  22. Answer the Security Check when prompted
  23. Once you have gone through the Security Check, click on Skip Quick Start at the top right of the screen.                                                               
  24. You will now be on the App Dashboard. Copy the App ID and the App Secret and paste to the Notepad (by pasting to your notepad, it will give you quick access as you will need these both later in the set up process).
  25. Go to Settings on the left hand dide of the App Page. For App Domain, use the domain that your Entry Point is located. This is likely something like For Namespace, you can use just about anything as long as it isn’t already used and fits the naming scheme. For more info, see    
  26. At the bottom of the settings page, click on Add Platform.  
  27. Click on Page Tab   
  28. In the Secure Page Tab URL area, paste the link that you copied from Agile.  Make sure to add https:// in front of the URL for the Secure Page Tab URL. You do not have to enter the URL into the Page Tab Edit URL.  
  29. Under Page Tab Name, enter the title for the button you wish to appear on the Facebook page (i.e. Buy Tickets, Membership, etc.)
  30. Save Changes
  31. In Agile, log in to Administration and click on the Corporate Organization.                                                                                     
  32. Click on the System Control icon.                                                           
  33. On the General Tab, past the App ID/API Key and the App Secret from the notepad.                                                                                      
  34. Go back to the Web organization folder. Right click on the Facebook Entry Point Group and check mark Show Facebook Login.                                
  35. Next you’ll need to navigate to the following URL. In this URL where you see xxxxx  enter the appID and where you see yyyyy you will add the Entry Point from Agile (not the App Secret). TIP: Past the URL above in Notepad first then add the Entry Point and the AppID where needed.             
  36. Open the link in your browser and attach the app to the appropriate Facebook page. This URL will only work if you are administrator of your Facebook Page and an administrator in Agile.                                                                                                                             
  37. The App should appear on the left hand side of your Facebook page.  
  38. Select the appropriate page from the Facebook Pages drop down.                    
  39. Once you have selected the Facebook Page, click on Add Page Tab at the bottom right of the page to save the app.             
  40. On the Facebook page, click on select More, then Manage Tabs. This will allow you to move your App up higher in priority to display in the Facebook menu on your page.                                                                                  
  41. Simply drag the app to change the priority order. You can also select to Add or Remove Tabs.


42. The App(s) will also appear on the left side of your Facebook Page.  This is where the Ticket Icon that you uploaded will be seen.





*Note if you are still having problems viewing your events on the Facebook App. Go into your App management page and select App Review. Make sure that your App is live at the top of the screen.   

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