Setting Up The DonorPerfect Integration

Agile Ticketing has a fully featured product integration with the DonorPerfect Online donor management system. This integration allows information entered into Agile to populate the appropriate fields in DonorPerfect, and vice versa. In order to set up the integration between the two systems, a DonorPerfect API must be requested by contacting With a DonorPerfect API key in hand, the integration between the two systems can be configured.

  1. Open the Settings folder and choose the External Integration option in the Agile Admin app.
  2. The General tab contains several important settings for the integration. 

    Enable Donor Management Integration - This option must be checked in order to enable the integration with DonorPerfect. 

    Integration Type
    - This setting defines the type of integration and should be set to DonorPerfect.

    Donor Management System API Key - The API key from DonorPerfect should be pasted here.

    Minimum Gift Amount - Set a minimum dollar amount for adding new donor records into DonorPerfect.

    Membership Program - The year-round membership program should be selected.

    Membership Link Type - When a customer is a part of a multi-person membership, they will be linked together in the "Links" tab within DonorPerfect. This will provide a quick and easy way to see the membership relationship between the customers on the same membership.

    Process Changes Between Systems - Once you have set all your Donor Management settings and an initial data sync has been performed by an Agile support representative, the processing of data between the systems can be activated. If for some reason the integration needs to be paused this option can be unchecked. The information flow between the two systems can also be limited from a 2-Way Synchronization to just a 1-Way Synchronization.
  3. Both Agile Ticketing and DonorPerfect allow the flexibility of creating any number of custom fields to be stored for a customer. In order to sync data between the two systems the fields in Agile and DonorPerfect must be mapped together on the Field Mappings tab. For each field defined in the list, the appropriate DonorPerfect field should be selected in the right hand column.

    There are a predefined set of fields that are automatically mapped between Agile and DonorPerfect. These fields are always set up in both systems and do not have to be manually mapped.

    Agile Field DonorPerfect Field
    First First Name
    Last Last Name
    Middle Middle Name
    Prefix Title
    Suffix Suffix
    Address 1 Address
    Address 2 Address 2
    City City
    State State
    Zip Zip/Postal
    Country Country
    Email Email
    Membership Level Membership Type
    Level Changed During Renewal Up/Down From
    Comp Price Membership Complimentary
    Joined Date Enroll Date
    Expiration Date Expiration Date

    There are some fields that must be mapped in order for the integration to work correctly.

    Agile Field DonorPerfect Field
    Customer # Agile Customer # (Custom Field added via Screen Designer)
    Member # Member # (Custom Field added via Screen Designer)
    Phone Types Phone Types

    Other fields, like Agile Customer Questions, and Customer Notes, can be mapped to any matching DonorPerfect field that needs to be synced between the two systems.
  4. Agile Ticketing provides a way to see demographic or calculated fields from DonorPerfect in a non-editable format. Each field that should be visible in the Agile Admin and Sales apps should be chosen on the Display Fields tab. The fields can be dragged into the order they should be displayed. 

    The selected fields are detailed in the customer properties available in the Agile Sales and Admin apps.
  5. A log of all changes that have occurred in the integration can be viewed on the Status Logs tab. Each line shows a particular action that happened in one of the systems that affected data in the other.

    The details of what happened for a particular action can be viewed by double clicking on the line in question.
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