Agile Ticketing Update - 6.1

Release Date: June 24, 2014
A summary of all the changes included in this update are shown below.


  • RESTRICTED-USE TICKETS: Ability to define ticket benefits that restrict usage within a specified time range.  Since patrons can only see one film at a time, this feature allows your organization to manage film pass benefits in a fair and equitable manner. When activated, this enhancement will block patrons from redeeming additional tickets to films that start within a 30 minute window of the previously redeemed ticket. The ticket benefit can define a range of 30 minutes so that any events that start within 30 minutes of each other will be grouped together for the ticket benefit.  (e.g. The five films that start at 9pm can be grouped together to allow the customer to get only the 1 ticket they are allowed)
  • ENHANCED TICKET PACKS: Patrons are able to redeem multiple ticket packs tickets and member tickets in the same order eliminating the need for multiple logins and logouts to redeem all benefits allocated to the patron.
  • EASIER CUSTOMER SEARCH: Updated the customer search to perform “starts-with” searches when the “Exact Name Match” is unchecked.  Typing in “lem” in the last name field will return results for “Lemon”, “Lemons”, “Lemmon”, etc.
  • ENHANCED GIFT CARD FEATURE: Check Gift Card balances in the Point-of-Sale.
  • ENHANCED GATE CONTROL REPORTING FEATURE: Added new Gate Control Summary and Gate Control Detail Extract reports based on date range.  This allows reporting across multiple gate control batches and events.
  • ENHANCED USER EXPERIENCE: Added an “edit customer” button to the customer area in the sales application to make the function more apparent.
  • Changed the shipping address process on the payment page to be more user-friendly.
  • ENHANCED FUND DEVELOPMENT FEATURE: Added the option to round up donation payments to the next dollar in the Agile Ticketing Solutions ticket-sales application.
  • ENHANCED TICKET FORMATTING: Added the ability for each corp organization to view and edit their ticket formats.  This was previously controlled only by regional level administrators.
  • ENHANCED SUPPORT FEATURE: Your agents and designated system users can directly connect with Agile Ticketing Solutions support team using the “Share Screen” option in the Agile Ticketing Solutions application.

Maintenance Items:

  • Changed the report dropdown for picking gate control batches to use the batch description instead of the event name.
  • Fixed an issue where venues would be duplicated in the showing schedule view.
  • Fixed an issue with the width of the Facebook comments widget on the ticket purchase page.
  • Fixed an issue with packages with sold out GA events.
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