Agile Ticketing Update - 6.2

Release Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A summary of all the changes included in this update are shown below.



  • DONOR PERFECT INTEGRATION:  Agile Ticketing has partnered with Donor Perfect to integrate with their online fundraising software.  Customer information, order activity, and memberships from Agile are automatically pushed into donor perfect.  Changes to donor information in Donor Perfect are automatically pushed back to Agile.  Dynamic information about the donor is available right within Agile.  Clients may specify the Donor Perfect General Ledger, Campaign, Solicitation, Sub-Solicitation, and Gift Calculation Settings on all purchasable items within Agile.  This will allow your organization to utilize Donor Perfect in your own customized way to achieve your fundraising goals.  Please visit to find our more about what Donor Perfect can offer your organization.
  • ENHANCED MEMBER IMPORT:  Updated the member import process to allow dual and multi-person member imports.  Fixed an issue when importing without customer numbers.  Added support for importing memberships that have customer benefits in addition to member benefits.
  • ENHANCED CUSTOMER BENEFITS:  Added a new option to attach benefits to a customer based on a membership purchase.  This differs in the normal membership benefits that have been supported for a while.  This new benefit type allows for greater flexibility and ease of use when redeeming the benefits.  Benefits can be given to a customer for customer service reasons as well.  This ability is of course controlled by permissions so that you can keep a tight control on the management of these benefits.
    • Organization Audit: Added a new summary area to the top of the report to show information by sales line (Event, Membership, Concessions, etc). Added options to the report to include sales details grouped by Buyer Type.  Also, added an option to the report to include sales details grouped by price type.
    • Membership Audit: Added new subtotals to the delivery section of the report to detail delivery methods used.
    • Event Manifest:  Both the Event Manifest and Event Manifest Extract have been updated to include all phone numbers, customer questions, and order questions related to that event.  

Maintenance Items:

  • Added an option to the order search by event to include cancelled orders.
  • Made the order and customer number bold in order confirmation emails.
  • Fixed an issue with membership permissions and visibility to restricted organizations.
  • Added the time value to the display of benefit groups dates on the membership price property page.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when trying to get Print-At-Home tickets in a regional portal.
  • Fixed an error that would occur on the cart page when in a regional portal.
  • Fixed an issue with saving custom properties in the admin app.
  • Fixed an issue with printing a receipt during a refund transaction.
  • Fixed a few errors that caused system exceptions in the admin and sales apps.
  • Updated the event and show imports to ignore search categories if not used in your organization.
  • Improved the search time for member search by member number in the sales app.
  • Improved the search time for last orders for an organization in the sales app.
  • Improved the load time of the shows list in the admin app.
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