Stimare Printer Installation

  1. Download drivers from  The driver needed is the CLS 300dpi driver for windows.

  2. Save the zip file to the hard drive.

  3. If running windows 7 disconnect the network cable or turn off wireless connection.

  4. Run the installation package.

  5. Walk through the installation and make sure to select Standard Installation not Full Installation.

  6. After Installation finishes go to the printer preferences -> Advanced and make sure the settings are as follows.
  7. Go to My Computer and open the flash drive that installed as part of the printer installation. Look for the Setup file

  8. Open this file and change the following settings: (Important to only change the settings shown below)

    1. Printer Emulation = 0
    2. Paper Width = 30
    3. Notch/B.Mark Position = 1
    4. Notch Distance  [mm] = +30.0

    * Paper width, notch position, and notch distance might vary based on the physical ticket. These settings are for our standard sized ticket stock.

  9. Save the file and close.

  10. Turn the Printer Off for 30 sec and then Back on.

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