New and Improved Support Platform

At Agile Ticketing Solutions, our goal is to provide your organization with comprehensive, innovative ticketing and venue management software as well as impeccable product support. With that goal, we understand the importance of offering a support platform that manages your organizations’ questions and inquiries easily and efficiently. While our current support platform has met our needs in terms of organizing and managing support request, we believe that our clients deserve the very best support management system available today.

Recently, we conducted an extensive review of the top hosted support platforms on the market today.  After careful deliberation, we determined that Zendesk ( would be the best hosted support platform partner for our clients. Some points that influenced this decision were ease of use, availability and the overall cost of the solution.

Over the next few days, you will receive more information about Zendesk and how this change will impact your organization.  We are excited to provide this amazing support platform to you and look forward to hearing your feedback. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to my office at (615) 360-6700.

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