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Agile is full of features and tools that will save you time when you have to do a lot of work at once but these are not always easy to find. Here we are going to have a look at where to find them and what they can do for you. 


All of these tools are found in the Admin side of the Agile App so first you must sign in.



Multi Tier

The Multi Tier tool can be leveraged to spread out an admission tier with it's attached inventory and make changes to an admission tier across many shows. To access this tool navigate to the Tier/Inventory for your event and right click on the Tier you wish to use this tool on.



The propagate option can be used to add an Inventory Tier from one event to one of more other events. With a selection dot nest to Propagate you will see a list of events that do not already contain this inventory tier. You can use the available date field to select a point in the future to start finding these events but the default is left at today. Select the event or events you want to copy this inventory tier to (hold Ctrl to select specific events and Shift to select a large group or all) and then click apply and ok to commit this change. Checking List Template will swap the available list to templates this tier can be copied to and Propagate Event Prices will copy the prices attached to this Tier along with it.



A potential use case for this tool is adding a general admission tier for standing room to a sold out reserved seating event.




The Modify option is used to make changes to this tier on any event where it is already present. With a selection dot next to Modify the system will fill the middle window with any other instance of this tier. Select any or all of the tiers you want to make this change to by holding Ctrl to select specific events and Shift to select a large group or all.



With your events selected you are now ready to make your changes. Below you will see the setting that you have access to in this mode, to access any of those settings you must first unlock it for changes by clicking the grey box to the left of it. With the setting unlocked you can now access the drop down menu or check boxes for that setting and make changes. Once done click Apply and Ok to save and commit your changes.



A potential use case for this tool is adding a color to this tier for all reserved seating events.



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