Online Credit Card Fee Recovery



This setting allows us to set up a defined percentage that customers can cover when paying with a credit card online. This fee can be required or optional and may be on or off by default. Note: You must give your merchant service 30-days written notice before implementing a required credit card fee. Make sure to check your state's laws concerning required fees/surcharges before implementing a required credit card fee to make sure you are following all necessary legal requirements.


1. Sign in to Admin and open your Organization house and Settings Folder to find System Control.


2. Stay on the General Tab and scroll to the bottom where you will see Credit Card Recovery Fee.



3. The first step from here is to select a program, this is the Donation program you want for these recovered fees to flow into. Select it by clicking on the Magnifying Glass icon next to Selected Program.Image3.png

Once selected the Donation will show to the right.



4. The next step is to assign the percentage for the fee recovery that will be applied to all online sales. Consult your merchant service's fee structure to determine what percentage will work best for your sales. Type your percentage into the open-entry box next to Percentage Added.



5. Lastly it is time to decide how the fee will be presented to the customer. To make the fee optional, leave the Fee Required box unchecked. To make a the fee required, check the Fee Required box. From there, decide what the default answer to the fee prompt should be. If customers should automatically opt in to paying the fee, click the radio button next to Default Yes. If customers should automatically opt out of the fee, click the radio button next to Default No.



6. Click Apply at the lower right corner to save these settings.

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