System Issue 5/9/2023

We are currently experiencing a service affecting issue at one of our service provider locations.  Access to the Agile Ticketing system is currently down as a result.  We are in contact with the provider and are attempting to resolve the issue.  More info will be released here as we have it.


Status Update - 3:57 PM Central Time

Access to box office app has been restored.  We are still working on restoring access to web site sales.


Status Update - 4:19 PM Central Time

Access to all Agile Ticketing services has been restored.   We are waiting for a root cause analysis from our data center provider as to what actually caused the issue. 


Status Update - 4:49 PM Central Time

We have gotten some details from our data center provider regarding the underlying issue.  There were issues with the storage arrays supporting our cloud environment.  Since this is a redundant resource our downtime was able to be kept to a minimum.  Our provider is still investigating and will provide more details as it becomes available.


We will be releasing more information about this issue once we have it.

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