PartnerTech RP-700 Receipt Printer Network Setup


Agile Ticketing does not recommend networking a receipt printer.  We recommend one printer per terminal connected by a USB cable.  However, this document was created because we recognize some clients may have special requirements. Because Agile Ticketing Solutions does not have access or control over client networks, the support for a networked printer that Agile Ticketing Solutions can provide is very limited.


  • Unused IP address outside of the network DHCP range (DHCP can be used but not recommended)
  • Laptop or computer to access the printer’s web interface.
  • Knowledge of network IP addresses and subnets is helpful and may be needed if the printer does not receive an IP address from a local DHCP server.
  • Knowledge of modifying Windows printer settings

Quick Notes for IT People:

  1. Connect the printer to the network and power it on, wait 10 sec., and power it off.
  2. Hold the feed button in and power on the printer to obtain a settings receipt with the printer’s IP address.
  3. The default username is admin in all lowercase letters and leave the password blank.

Setup Steps:

  1. Connect the printer’s Ethernet port to the network.
  2. Load the printer with a roll of paper.
  3. Turn on the printer and wait 10 seconds so the printer will get an IP address from the network’s DHCP server, then turn off the printer.
  4. Hold the feed button in and power on the printer again. Let go of the buttons as soon as the paper begins to feed out the printer.  This will print a settings receipt. 
  5. Somewhere on the settings receipt will be a section titled, “Communication Interface” or there may be a message, “Interface is Configuring…” Make note of the IP address listed in this section. Turn the printer off and then back on to get out of settings. Note: You can use the DHCP-assigned IP address found in this step; however, DHCP addresses may change periodically and when this happens the terminals will no longer be able to print.Settings_IP_Address.jpg
  6. To set a static IP address, open a web browser on a computer that is connected to the same network. (Some problems have been found using Firefox when entering the username/password on the printer interface page as Firefox keeps refreshing the page; therefore, try using the Chrome web browser if available.)
  7. In the browser’s address bar, type in the printer’s IP address noted in step 5 and press enter. This will open the printer’s web interface page.  If the printer’s web interface page is not displayed, reverify the printer’s IP address using the steps above.  If that does not work, make sure the printer and the computer are on the same network subnet and fix it before continuing.
  8. Click on the Configure Interface link on the left side of the interface webpage.
  9. A popup page will display asking for a username and password. No password has been set by Agile Ticketing.   Enter the username “admin”, in all lowercase letters and leave the password blank, then press enter.
  10. You should see a webpage where you can enter a static IP address. Make sure to use an IP address that is outside of the DHCP address range and that the IP, subnet mask, and gateway addresses are all suitable for your network. If you are unsure, you should stop here and seek guidance from your network administrator.Configuration_Page.jpg
  11. Click on the Save button to save the new IP address.
  12. Turn off the printer and repeat step 4 to verify the IP address information has been saved.

Printer Driver Modification:

  1. On the terminal or computer you want to print from, open the Devices and Printers folder inside the Windows Control Panel and look for a printer with the name RP-700(E) or RP-700(U) 1.
  2. If RP-700(E) is already listed, right-click on the printer and select Printer properties. Under the Ports tab, reconfigure the port IP address to match the IP address of the printer. Print a test page to verify Windows can print to the printer.
  3. If RP-700(U) 1 is listed, right-click on the printer and select either select Printer properties and modify create a new IP port under the Port tab or select to remove the device and reinstall the printer driver.
  4. If the PR-700 printer is not listed in the Devices and Printers window, then the printer driver will need to be installed. See the section, “Printer Driver Installation.”


Printer Driver Installation:

The RP-700 driver can be downloaded from the Agile Ticketing Solutions download page at

  1. Run the setup.exe file in the driver package.
  2. Receipt “RP-700” should be the default setting. Check “Set as Default Printer”, if this is the only receipt printer for this computer and click on the Next button.
  3. Leave Setup Type at Typical and click on the Next button.
  4. Change the Ports setting to NET: under the Set Printer Port section and type in the printer’s IP address in the IP: field. Click on the Install button and finish the driver installation.Driver_Net_Install.jpg


Printer Setup in Agile Software:

Note: If the printer name was changed or not previously installed, the printer name will need to be updated for the terminal setting in the Agile desktop app. 

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